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Sunday Snapshot

Happy SUnday Everyone! (or Monday, depending on when you read this!).

This weekend really did fly by. I blinked and it was over, jus tlike that *snaps fingers*.

EVen though it felt short, The weekend was a great combination between relaxing and productive.

We woke up a little late but still made it to church on time! GO us! My kids love theird Sunday school classes so they both had a good time. OUr church has a playground outside so after service I let the boys play for a bit.

I let them play for a bit and then took them to McDonalds for lunch, which they both loved. We don’t eat out very much so when we do it is a real treat. Garris favorite part is getting to have a drink in a cup with a straw. He is so adorable.

It’s the little things guys.

After we finished eating we went home, changed and then I started on some tasks that needed to get done while the boys hung out on the back porch. They have a nice little set up of all their play tents out there and it keeps them entertained for hours.

We finished the day with a quiet family dinner. (we don’t have a lot of those).

ALl in all it was a nice day. Now hopefully this coming work week is as well!

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Birthday Reflections

One of the highlights of my year is birthdays. I love celebrating birthdays! I love decorating and just making the day special. The most recent birthday in our home was Garris’s birthday. He turned 4! I can’t believe my baby is already 4 years old!! I am just starting to realize he is not a baby anymore, but a little boy.

Its a bittersweet feeling.


I can honestly say that I am so undeserving of a son like Garris. I thank God that he decided to bless me with such a special little boy.

I found myself reflecting on the last year. It was a hard year for Garris, but I am so proud of him. He was officially diagnosed with autism this last year, and that alone has been a journey for him and for our family. I personally have had to learn not to see him as a person with a disability, but as a unique little boy who has a lot to teach me.

I have had to learn that different doesn’t have to be scary. Differences can help us grow in ways we never thought we could. I have learned to see Garris’s little quirks not as something weird, but as something beautiful.


This past year has come with its own set of challenges for Garris. Most people don’t like change, but change is especially hard for him. He thrives on things staying the same, on routine. It’s his comfort zone. We had many changes over the last 12 months. He started school, daycare, Speech therapy, our family grew by one, and we moved. The amount of change was hard for me, so I can only imagine how hard it was for him. BUT he was a real trooper!

The most difficult change for Garris was the birth of our second son, Rhonin. I wouldn’t say that Garris was jealous, but he didn’t understand who this new little person was, or why he never left! IT was a little hard for him getting used to the crying as well. He did eventually get used to Rhonin being around, and now I am pleased to say he is enjoying his role as big brother! canva-photo-editor (1)

It brings my heart so much joy in seeing my boys grow to love each other. They love babbling and giggling together

Garris John has taught and is still teaching, me so much about motherhood. I have had to adjust my expectations of what motherhood would be like. I have had to learn patience (and lets be honest, I am still learning!). With certain things, Garris just takes a little extra time to learn, and I have had to learn that that’s ok! And do what it takes to help him learn.

Certain aspects of life are definitely more challenging with an autistic child, but I wouldn’t change a thing. My little boy brings me so much happiness (and yes, a tiny bit of frustration at times. I am truly blessed to have the privilege of calling him my son.


Until next time…


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Preparing For Baby: Writing Your Birth Plan (Free Downloadable Template)

As your baby’s due date draws near it is best to start thinking about writing your birth plan! Why have a birth plan, you might ask? Well WHY not!? You are bringing your baby into the world and your wishes and concerns should be met as much as is possible. Writing a birth plan before you go into labor  also helps you mentally prepare for baby’s arrival. Also, it will give you an opportunity to do some research, such as on pain medication offered during labor.

Preparing For Baby_ Pinterest graphic

When it comes to giving birth it is best to be as prepared as possible. While we can’t completely control how labor and delivery will go, it is still a good idea to prepare as much as possible.

As your baby’s due date draws near it is best to start thinking about your birth plan. I have 4 weeks left to go until my due date, so I have decided to start writing my birth plan now.

For my first pregnancy I almost didn’t write one at all. At first I didn’t see the point. I did eventually write one and I am so glad I did! Writing a birth plan helps you, especially as a new mother, learn about what is involved in the labor and birthing process. Also, when you are in the midst of labor pains you may not be able to answer certain questions and its important that your wishes are followed and respected.

What to Include…

The kinds of things you will want to include in your birth plan are details like, whether or not you want pain medication, who you want to be in the room with you, if you plan to breast or bottle feed, whether or not you have any allergies,do you want the umbilical cord to be cut right away, details like that are important information to put in a birth plan. You can be as detailed or basic as you want! When I wrote out my first birth plan I was very basic. This time around I have a better idea of what I want so this birth plan will be more detailed.

One thing I did not do my first time around, and highly recommend doing, is going over your birth plan with your support team, the people who will be in the delivery room supporting you. This way if you are in a situation where you can’t advocate for yourself or if things get a little chaotic, you can be sure that your wishes will still be carried out. 

Free Birth Plan Template Download! (1)

Click here to download your free birth plan template!

One thing to remember. We can plan out how we want our birthing experience to go down to the very last detail, but sometimes it just DOESN’T go the way we want, and thats ok! The important thing is that baby is delivered in the safest way possible.

On that note, I hope your birthing experience is everything you want it to be!



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Baby Essentials│What To Buy Before Your Baby Arrives

The days leading up to my son Garris’s birth, my main concern (besides wondering if I was going to survive the birthing process) was if I had everything I needed. Did I have all the necessary baby essentials? I wanted the transition into motherhood to be as smooth as possible, and I knew that if I didn’t have all the things I needed during the first few days he was home that I would be a big ball of stress!

Below I have written down a few baby essentials that I found to be extremely helpful my first few days and months with a new baby.



A Crib

Ok, this is kind of a given, but I almost did not have a bed for my oldest son! I literally waited till the last minute! (figuratively of course). But baby needs a place to sleep! We actually had him in a bassinet when he was a newborn and then got a crib when he was a few months old.

Diapers and Wipes

I would say one of the best things I did in my preparations for my son was stock up on diapers and wipes. I was so thankful to have a nice stockpile the first few weeks of motherhood. I was very tired the first few weeks with recovering and everything else that comes with just giving birth, the last thing I wanted to do was run to the grocery store. 

 I bought some of my stockpile myself and the rest I received as gifts from my baby shower. I didn’t have to buy diapers for a few months! I highly recommend putting diapers on your baby registry!

Spit Rags

Spit rags! Hello! I cannot count how many spit rags I went through those early months of motherhood. I was sooo incredibly thankful for them! I made sure to have plenty on hand and I am so glad I did!

Baby Thermometer

Having a thermometer on hand is a must! Being able to check if baby has a fever is very important! I have the one where you can check baby’s temperature orally, rectally or by putting in their underarm and I have the one where you touch it to their forehead. I like having both kinds on hand.

Diaper Rash Cream


Diaper rash cream is a must have! I realized this the first time my son got a diaper rash and I didn’t have any! It is way more convenient to already have it on hand than to have to quickly run to the grocery store to buy some. There are quite a few brands to choose from. The ones I personally prefer to use are Desitin, A+D and Butt Paste. My son always seems to get pretty bad diapers rashes, so I normally use the maximum strength tubes.


Stuffy Nose Aids

One handy dandy essential I could not have lived without was the blue bulb syringe for clearing out babies stuffy noses. Seriously! It was a lifesaver! I don’t know what I would have done without it. Making sure baby can breath when he has a cold is very important!

Teething Toys

When Garris started teething Orajel and teething rings were my best friends! My poor boy didn’t just get one or two teeth at a time, he got his first four front teeth at the same time. Unfortunately for him, that is also how all of his other teeth came in, in fours. So teething was a hard time for him and for me. I don’t like seeing my little man in pain. Orajel and teething rings helped ease his pain when he was teething.

Baby First Aid Kit

A baby first aid kit is a must! I had two, one for our home and one for the diaper bag. You never know when you might need it!

Grocery Sacks

This last one is probably going to sound odd. My mother taught me this little trick. I kept plastic grocery bags and bread bags for dirty diapers. I know I know, weird. It is actually a very helpful trick, especially when you live in an apartment and aren’t going to walk to the dumpster every time baby has to “go”. After baby “go’s”, you put the dirty diaper in the bag and tie it up tight. That way if you put it in your kitchen trash, or for whatever reason can’t throw it out right away, you can’t smell it. Go ahead, give it a try!

There are of course always more things you could add to the list, but these are the basic essentials I found very helpful during my first few months as a new mom. I hope you found the list helpful!

What were some of your ‘can’t live without’ baby essentials?

Baby Essentials



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My Pregnancy Update

Well, Here I am! Only have 7 more weeks to go (That’s if this baby decides to come on his due date). This pregnancy has just flown by! I am so very excited to be this close to the finish line. My husband and I are very anxious to meet our new little bundle of joy!I haven’t talked very much about my pregnancy on my blog before, but I figured now was a great time to start! Here is a little pregnancy update!

How Far Along Are you? 33 weeks! Baby is the size of a pineapple!26229991_10210913503414774_6369807665703710769_n (1)

What Gender is Your Baby? We are having another boy! I am very excited! I was hoping for a girl at first because we will probably not having anymore children, but I am quite content on being a boy mom. The Lord has blessed me with a healthy pregnancy and baby and thats all I can ask for!

How much weight have you gained? So far I have gained 30 pounds! I am hoping I don’t gain much more! I gained 45 with my first pregnancy, but I also weighed less originally the first time around.

Sleep? I am tired ALL THE TIME, however when i’m this far along in my pregnancy I snore REALLY BAD and wake myself up constantly. Also, because I snore so bad my mouth gets really dry so when I do wake myself up, I have to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom (Of course) before I can lay back down.

Current Cravings? Currently, I crave on a daily basis, Mcdonalds fries, broccoli cheddar soup from Panera Bread and ice chips. I chew on ice chips all day when i’m at work. THis is partially due to me having low iron, but hey, ice chips are refreshing). Just to clarify, NO I do not go out and buy Mcdonalds fries and Panera mac and cheese every single day, I just crave them every day.

What are You looking forward to? I am looking forward to holding my little baby of course, but I am looking forward to not being pregnant! I can barely walk I am so sore and I just feel like a huge mass of hugeness…

Is This Pregnancy Any Different Than Your First? This pregnancy has been difficult for me. My first pregnancy I had the normal morning sickness during the first trimester, but it subsided once I got further along. WIth this pregnancy, I have had nausea throughout the whole thing. On top of the nausea I am extremely sore and have a hard time walking around. Don’t get me wrong, I am willing to go through a few months of discomfort in order to bring another life into the world, but I still look forward to having a flat tummy and being able to see my feet!

Are You Ready for Baby’s arrival? Yes and no. I have the baby’s bed already, I just need to give it a good cleaning and set it up. I also have quite a few clothes and blankets. What I still need to buy is baby’s car seat and a few boxes of diapers. My plan was to have all of these things bought before Christmas but our apartment is tiny and we have no room, so sadly certain things have to wait until almost the last minute. I also need to pack my hospital bag and write up my birth plan.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Updatea

I will be writing a post about how to write a birth plan! If you are interested stay tuned!