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Free Halloween Printables


Free 8×10 Halloween Printables!

Its October and Halloween is just around the corner!! One of my favorite parts about Halloween is, and lets face it, any holiday is the decorating!

Decorating is lots of fun, especially when you get the decorations for free!

Free 5×7 Halloween Printables!.pngPrintables are a fun way to add a little pop to your decorations! Here are a few free downloadable Halloween printables!

Download for free below!


October 31

Download October 31 Printable here.

Halloween 5×7

Download this printable here.



Download the Eat, Drink and Be Scary printable here.


Untitled design

(This printable is the words happy Halloween, on a white background. I added the black border so it was more visible for this post).

Download Happy Halloween printable here.


Happy decorating and have a fun-filled Halloween!!

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Fun DIY Birthday Banner

One of the funnest (is that even a word?) aspects of birthdays for me is the decorating! I always decorate even if we aren’t throwing a birthday party. It’s my little way of trying to make them feel special on their day!


This year for my son Garris’s 4th birthday I decorated in blue and green colors. I was going to run to the store and pick up a “happy birthday” banner to hang up, but at the last minute, I decided to try and do it myself! I mean why not?! its fun and saved me a little bit of money!

What you will need:

  • Cardstock in the colors of your choosing (I bought mine at Walmart)
  • scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • tracing pen
  • Sharpie
  • String

this onethis one 2asdfasdfd

  1. The first thing I did was draw out what shape I wanted each piece of the banner to be. I did this on white cardstock. I used that as my guide for tracing all the other pieces. Then I picked out what color cardstock I wanted to use. I used green and blue cardstock and alternated colors for each letter.


this one 3

I didn’t measure out the piece I used to trace with.

2. After tracing all the pieces I need, I cut them all out. I ended up not having quite enough blue cardstock so I had to double up on the green cardstock.

3. I then cut out circles using white cardstock. (I used a drinking glass as my drawing guide.)

4. Next, I glued a circle to each blue and green pieces. This one 4

5. I then hand wrote my letters on to the Banner pieces. I had a scratch piece of paper that I practiced writing each word on before writing it on the final product.

6. I then unwrapped my string and started gluing them to the back side of each banner piece. I cut each piece of string at 3 inches and left the pieces of the ends a little longer, about 6 inches. I glued the string to the back side of the banner pieces. I used Elmer’s glue. STick glue does work, however, I found that the string tended to come unglued.

–> Helpful Tip: Make sure to glue the pieces IN ORDER! The first time I did this I glued them together backward! OOps!

7. Let the Banner dry for a few hours, then Hang it up and your done!







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DIY Halloween Banner

One of my favorite part of the holiday season is decorating! (Yes, we consider Halloween a holiday!).

 I used to not be the biggest fan of this holiday, but after my Husband and I got married, I decided I should make the most of it. I really do enjoy the holiday now.

Around the holidays I like to save as much as I can. It is very easy for me to overspend on decorations. I started trying to make some decorations on my own. Not only is it cost effective, its fun! My latest is this SPOOKY banner hanging over my fireplace. 

Keep reading to learn how to make your own!


What You Will Need

  • 1. Scissors
  • 2. Cardstock Paper in black and white ( I got the textured Cardstock pack from the scrapbook Isle at Walmart).
  • 3. Glue
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Letters ( I bought a pack of alphabet stencil letters from Walmart).

Step 1

The first thing I did was take the black cardstock paper and cut out six rectangles. I used a DVD case as my guide and traced around it.Step 1

I then grabbed a piece of the white cardstock paper and cut out rectangles slightly larger than the black ones. I just eyeballed this part. I then glued one black rectangular pieces to the white ones. These will be the backgrounds for your letters.

Step 2

After finished gluing the paper, I started cutting out the letters. I used the letters that spelled out the word ‘spooky’ and traced them onto pieces of the white cardstock paper.

PicMonkey Image

I then cut each letter out and glued it onto the middle of the black background. 

—> Helpful Tip: I traced the letters onto the white cardstock backwards, then after cutting them out I flipped them over and glued them to the background. I noticed that when I didn’t do it this way there were pencil smudges on the white letters that were hard to get off. Erasing the lines made unattractive smudges. 

Repeat these steps with each letter until all pieces are done.

step 2

Step 3

Last but not least, I connected each piece with string by gluing the string to the back of each card. I originally was planning on punching small holes in the top corners of each card, but decided against that idea. Gluing the string to the back of the cards turned out to work very well! After connecting them I hung the completed banner over the fire place with a string of ghost lights. I have to say I really like it!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it gave you some inspiration for your own Halloween decorating!

Until next time,