A Little About Me :)

Hi there!

Thanks for Stopping by! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Savana. I am a wife, a mother of 2 and a lover of coffee!afds

I currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I love to spend warm afternoons on the beach with my little boys. They both love the water as much as I do!

I love to watch the rain (and sometimes snow) from my back window while wearing slippers and drinking a hot cup of coffee.

Besides my family, I love writing, reading, music, photography, Instagram and the smell of freshly mowed grass.



This is me and my husband on our wedding day ❤ My husband, Scott, and I have been married a little over 4 years. He is the love of my life and my best friend. We have gone through some rough times, as many couples do, and I knwo there isn’t anyone else I would want to take on life with.



This is Garris John, my oldes son. He just turned 4. THis little boy is so full of life. I love how he finds joy in the smallest, simpliest things. It often reminds me to stop stressing about life, and to enjoy the moment.

He loves anything having to do with water. He loves swimming and would spend every single day at the beach if I let him. Rain or shine, he doesn’t care! If he sees water he WILL try to go for a swim!

He was diagnosed with autism this past March, and while I was scared and frightened when I first found this out, It has changed out family for th ebetter. This little boy has challenged me and made me grow in ways I didn’t know were possible. I love this boy so much and wouldn’t change him for the world.



This little guy is Rhonin Daniel. He is our rainbow baby ❤ I was so afraid I was going to lose him. I showed all the signs of miscarriage, yet here he is. He is truely a blessing to our family.

He is almost 6 months old and learning so fast! He is curious about everything and always wants to be included. He can almost sit up and is trying to crawl. Like his older brother, he loves the water! He loves spalshing in the bathrub and relaxing on his floaty at the pool!

Garris loves having a baby brother and loves to babble with Rhonin and play peekaboo.



I hope you enjoyed reading a little about my tiny family.

Have a blessed day