I hope you all had a fun-filled Halloween with lots of treats and little tricks!

We had a nice Halloween. To start off with, my husband had the day off so we spent the day with our boys watching scary movies, and when I say scary I mean “Scared Shrekless and Toy Story Tales of Terror and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween Episodes.

The boys enjoyed it. Rhonin especially enjoyed the MIchey Mouse CLubhouse Episodes. Whenever he sees mickey mouse he gets a huge smile on his face. Melts my heart!


Even though we have lived in our current city for almost 3 years, we still have no idea where the good trick or treating spots are, so we decided just to take them to the local mall. All the stores in the mall give out candy every year and we figured it was a good place to start.

I procrastinated so bad that I ended up not getting costumes for my boys! Ahh!! It turned out to be fine though. RHonin is only 7 months old and Garris still doesn’t quite understand the whole costume part of Halloween. He just gets excited about the candy! I ended up putting the boys in their Seahawks clothing and they went as “Seahawk fans”. It was fun and made me feel a little creative. LOL.

The mall was really crowded and surprisingly very warm. (or maybe not so surprising considering all the people that were there!) Garris held his own candy bucket for the first time! He caught on pretty quick how to get the candy, but still wanted Dada to hold his hand. Rhonin was very intrigued by all the people and costumes.

Halloween 2018

After we were done at the mall, we planned on taking Garris trick or treating in one of the nearby neighborhoods, but Rhonin was very cranky by the time we were done and as it often happens in the Pacific Northwest, it started to rain! So we decided to enjoy the rest of our evening at home.

When we got home Garris excitedly went through all of his candy and ate a few pieces with glee! Rhonin even got to try a little piece. We then had some dinner and then water a few more Halloween movies to end the evening.

Halloween 2018

How was your Halloween?


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