Write 31 Days│Pause│Day 17



Every minute of every day, my brain is running a million miles a second. I am always stressing about the things I have to get done. The laundry needs to be folded and put away, the floors need to be swept. I need to wipe the table down or pick up that sock that’s been sitting in the corner for the last 2 days. I can get so caught up in everything that needs to be done, that I forget to just sit. TO pause. To be in the moment.

I finished my college assignment around noon today, so I decided to take my boys to the park. It was an unusually warm day for October. It was sunny. The leaves were orange, yellow and brown. It was beautiful.

The grass was dry enough to sit on. I put my baby on the grass and let him explore the ground. I watched my 4-year-old excitedly play in the dirt. I took a few good pictures of them, and then put my phone aside and just watched them play. I watched them enjoy natures beauty. I watched them be little boys. and I loved every second of it.

I paused.

Don’t forget to pause. The day is over before we realize.

31 days of Five Minute Free WritesThis post was part of the 31 days of five minute free writes series link up at fiveminutefriday.com.

With 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, we provide 31 one-word writing prompts and challenge you to free write for five minutes flat on each provided word. 

–> 31 Days of Five Minute Free writes is part of the write31 days challenge. This is where you write for 5 minutes flat on a one-word prompt every day for the month of October! For a list of prompts and/or to join in on the fun click here!

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