Write 31 Days│ Help│ Day 22



It isn’t uncommon while watching the news to see reports of people being assaulted or robbed by a stranger. There are times where these take place right out in the open and the victims say that people just walked right by them and didn’t even try to help the person struggling.

We seem to have a mentality of “mind your own business” today, and while there are times when that is good to put to practice, there are times where we need to stop minding our own business and help others.

We as a society are so focused on ourselves and that we often fail to see the needs of others. We don’t help even when we can because ”it’s their problem”. But I believe God has called us to be better than this.

The greatest commandment is to honor your father and mother, and the second is love your neighbor as yourself. Are we loving our neighbors as ourselves? Are we offering a helping hand where it is needed or are we simply turning a blind eye because it’s easy to ignore than to have a little inconvenience in our day?

As believers we aren’t called to be comfortable, we are called to witness to others, and sometimes we witness by helping those in need.

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