Write 31 Days│Day 13│ Talk


TalkRemember to Listen


I love getting together with friends and having a nice chat with them. I love talking to people. I spend the majority of my days at home with my kids, so when I am around another adult I love being able to actually talk with them.

I noticed that I tend to get wrapped up in everything I have to say, I don’t always take the time to actively listen to what my friend/spouse is saying. It’s not because I don’t care about them or what is going on in their lives, I just have a lot of things I also want to talk about.

My husband told me one evening that he felt I never actually listened to anything he told me. THat I immediately forgot what he was saying after he told me, or that I always said “what? Can you repeat that?”. When he first told me this, I was upset because it couldn’t possibly be true. But after I paused, and really thought about it I realized he was right.

I felt ashamed.

I didn’t want to be that type of person. I didn’t want to be so selfish and wrapped up in myself that I only cared about what I had to say. And it was, selfish.

*my 5 minutes ended here, but I’m going to finish my thought*

Sometimes we can do something or be something without really realizing it. By not taking the time to listen to my husband when he had something to tell me, and doing this many times over, it really was being selfish. I was putting my thoughts, and what I wanted to do above him. I wasn’t giving him my time or the courtesy to listening to what he had to say. The ironic thing here is I hate it when he doesn’t listen to me when I’m talking to him.

I know the main reason I have to do this is that I always have so many things going on in my mom brain; all the things I Need to do today, tomorrow, next week. That I let that consume my thoughts, stress me out, and it makes it hard to pay attention to much else.

It needed to change. I want to be a good wife to my husband and a good mother to my children. One of the things I Need to do is to listen to them when they talk to me. Now I make a point of actively listening. I put my phone down. When hubby and I are having a serious conversation, I don’t text someone else while he’s talking. I give him my full attention.

The same goes with my friends. I don’t get together with my friends very often so I want to make sure I am actively listening to what they have to say.  I make sure I’m not browsing social media or texting someone else while they are talking to me. I make a point to make sure I am not always talking, and that I actively listen.

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