Write 31 Days│How│Day 10


I have been a mother for over 4 years now. it is definitely a journey. I have had to grow in ways I never thought I would need to. It is both harder than I thought but at the same time everything I ever thought it would be.

while on my motherhood journey, I often find myself asking, how do I do this or that? How do I teach them about Jesus in a way they will understand? How do I shape them into the young men they need to grow up to be? How do I teach them right from wrong?

There is so much I don’t know, so much I don’t know how to teach them. I never thought I wouldn’t know how to teach my kids about certain things. I always thought that aspect of mothering would come easily, but it doesn’t. I am not a good teacher, it is not my gift. Really it’s just another opportunity for growth.

Motherhood has a way of showing me my weaknesses and where I need to grow.

31 days of Five Minute Free WritesThis post was part of the 31 days of five minute free writes link up at fiveminutefriday.com.

With 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, we provide 31 one-word writing prompts and challenge you to free write for five minutes flat on each provided word. 

–> 31 Days of Five Minute Free writes is part of the write31 days challenge. This is where you write for 5 minutes flat on a one word prompt every day for the month of October! For a list of prompts and/or to join in on the fun clik here!

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