Happy New Year!

This year I am hoping for lots of change. I have a lot of ideas and things that I want to improve about myself and there is no better time to begin than right now.

This year I have a lot of goals, both big and small. A lot of things I want to change.

There is something hopeful about the start of a new year. Its a great time to start afresh.

I don’t exactly have any resolutions this year, I have more life changes, or goals, that I have made. I guess you could say they are almost the same thing, but in my mind “life changes” sounds more lasting than a resolution.

The two big goals I set for this year are:

Organize and Declutter

Staying organized in general is hard for me. Life tends to leave me feeling overwhelmed and my normal response to that is to ignore everything. We all know this approach doesn’t work. I have a planner that I now write down when all the bills are due and all appointments for the month, this way I won’t stress about remembering it.

Another struggle of mine is keeping my home tidy. I realized this last year that one of the biggest reasons it is such a struggle for me is that my home isn’t very organized. Not everything has its own place, which in turn makes it harder for me to keep things organized. This year I plan on going through every room and declutter/organize it.

Getting out of Debt

This is a big goal for the new year. The hubs and I are going to try and take care of all of our debt this year. I for one am getting very tried of all the payments, and all the phone calls from debt collecors.

We have a game plan to tackle all the debt. I will write a post in a few months with an update after we have had our game plan in place for a bit.

I am very excited. I know its going to take a lot of work and dedication and there will probably be times where I would rather spend money on something else, but it will be worth the end result.

I hope you all had a happy new year!


We had such a wonderful Christmas. We were able to spend lots of time with friends and family, I only wish we could have squeezed more visits in!

This years Christmas sure did fly by. I honestly can’t believe Christmas is already over!

Christmas was everything I hoped it would be and more! I was fortunate this year to have a job that gives its employees almost 2 weeks off for Christmas! It has been so nice to be home and not have to plan my Christmas festivities around my work schedule.

Our festivities included spending time with family, lots of eating , gifts and cookie decorating! Cookie decorating was a new experience for my boys and a tradition I intend to repeat each year.

Christmas morning was so fun. We took our time. Rhonin was excited to see all of his gifts. His favotie was a Toy Story 4 Woody doll, complete with a pull string, and new play doh! Garris took a bit to wake up and fully grasp what was going on. He has never expressed an interest in unwrapping gifts so me and my husband usually help him. His favorite gift was a toy story blanket. He was very excited once he saw what it was.

We spent the rest of the day spending quality time together and eating yummy food!

But our Christmas festivities did not end there! oh no. See I suffer from what I like to call, after-Christmas-blues. I get sad once Christmas is over. every year. So this year I decided to find a way, or ways, to prolong it a little bit.

We always spend Christmas at home together, but I also like to spend Christmas with my parents and siblings. It is important to me as I still have siblings who are quite young and I almost miss the Christmases I never got to spend with them. We went up to their house on the 29th and exchanged gifts and had dinner together. Of course we ate pizza.

then on the 30th, me and my little family drove to Leavenworth to stay in a cute little cabin in the snow.

It didn’t snow while we were there but there was plenty of snow still on the ground, so we still got to have a White Christmas (or post white Christmas). The boys were thrilled with the cabin. One of the rooms had bunk beds, which we don’t have at home. Garris thought it was the best thing about the cabin and he actually spent most of his time playing on the top bunk.

I of course forgot to pack hats and gloves for my boys, so there was no snow ball throwing, however we did go on a few walks, which they were delighted with. It rarely snows where we live so they always get excited when they see snow.

We spent two nights at the cabin. It was very nice to get away for a few days. We didn’t have any internet at the cabin and I enjoyed being off the grid for awhile.

On our way home we stopped to take a few pictures and let the boys play in the snow one more time.

Now that we are home, I am relaxing and enjoying spending time with my family before regular life starts up again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Happy New Year!


Holiday Cheer/Setting Up the Christmas Tree

The holidays are officially upon us! This is my absolute favorite time of year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sure did. Unfortunately I got a bad cough starting thanksgiving evening and it is still going strong. However I did not let my cold deter me from my Black Friay shopping or setting up our Christmas tree, as is our tradition.

I have taken my final exams for my college class, so as of Saturday, I am officially on Christmas break! An enourmous amount of stress has been lifted off my shoulders! I am very excited to enjoy this month celebrating Christmas with family and friends. My calendar is almost completely full at this point. I haven’t been this busy during the holidays in a long time.

We officially kicked off the Christmas season with setting up our Tree!

We set up our tree on black Friday, as per our tradition. I am tempted every year to put it up before thanksgiving, but I’m always glad I wait. I really enjoy black Friday, not just because of all the shopping deals, but because we set up our Christmas tree after I have finished my shopping.

I really wanted to buy a new Christmas tree this year, a bigger one. But after thinking on it, I decided I would rather use the money for Christmas gifts. So we will get a new tree next year!

I find it so exciting taking all the Christmas decorations out of their boxes every year. We turn on a Muppets Christmas Carol (my husbands favorite) while we set up the tree and decorate.

The highlight for the boys is setting up the Christmas Train. We like to set it up under our tree. The boys will just lay on the ground by the tree and watch the train go around and around and around.

Of course the train doesn’t stay on the track for very long, especially because Rhonin is in the stage where he wants to touch everything. The ornaments on the tree also haven’t been staying on for very long.

WE have had a great start to our holiday. I am excited for the rest of the month!

Not Everything In Life Worth Achieving is Going to Be Easy

About a month back, I wrote about how I had decided to take a step back from my College education due to not having the necessary time, due to my job and homeschooling my son, to do my homework. After thinking hard about it and discussing it with a few select people, I actually decided not to withdraw.

I did take a step back though.

Withdrawing from college is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have student loans like I do. After talking with my Husband and my school counselors I decided to go down to part time. Take one class at a time instead of two. To be honest I am very glad I made this decision.

While I am happy with my decision to stay in school, I am still very frustrated with everything.

I am tired. I am burnt out. I was supposed to have graduated back in October, but due to having to transfer schools, my graduation date was significantly set back. Everything In me wanted to withdraw and not have to worry about tests and exams and essays! But It really wasn’t the best thing to do.

After I wrote my post saying I was stepping back, I took a weekend to de-stress and make sure It was the right decision to make. I had emailed my counselor tellign him I was done. But I ended up chatting with him that following Monday, and decided to stick with it, but take a step back on my class load.

At the very beginning, I decided to pursue a degree so that I can better my family. I want to be able to provide a secure future for my family and send my kids to college when they are old enough. Having a degree will give me so many more opportunities in the workforce that I would have otherwise.

Some things are hard. College is hard. The amount of homework that I need to get done every week can very easily become overwhelming. and sometimes that makes me question whether or not it is worth it. But here is something that I have to fall back on.

I realize college is not hard for everyone, for some people it’s probably a walk in the park. I get overwhelmed very easily which is why it is challenging for me,but I know that when the day comes where I am wearing my cap and gown and walking across that stage to receive my diploma, I will be very glad I stuck with it.

My point is not everything in life that is worth working for is going to be easy. Some things will be really hard, but in the end it is worth the struggle.


We live In a very busy world. Everyone is always in a hurry. I like to be busy. It is easy to get caught up in that busyness. I thrive on always having something to do and places to go. Doing everything now in the moment; not waiting for later.

In my busyness it is easy to make decisions in haste, sometimes ones that should be thought through more carefully or that should be considered over a period of time.

I have to make a conscious decision to slow down. You can’t always be in a hurry. Life goes by so fast as it is. Being in a hurry all the time just makes it go by that much faster. SO I have to just stop. Wait. Slow down. DO things that really matter. Like just staying at home for a day and enjoying my children while they are little.

Nothing reminds me more of how short life is than watching my children grow. IF I spend my life always hurrying from here to there, I miss out on a lot. I miss out on a lot of TIME with my family. So I am trying to learn patience. To wait. TO wait till tomorrow or the next day to run this or that errand, and to be present right now with my family.


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Why I chose To Homeschool

I have entered the world of homeschooling mothers!

Yes, you read that right!

I have decided, that instead of sending Garris off to Kindergarden at the public school this year, I am going to teach him at home. ( In case you are new here, Garris is my five year old. He is autisic and non-verbal.)

I have always liked the idea of homeschooling my kids, but after Garris recieved his diagnosis, I didn’t think it would be possible. I didn’t think I would be capable of teaching him myself


I decided to do it anyway.

So what exactly made me change my mind? Well there are a few factors that played a role in this decision.

First of all, Kindergarden is a lot different than Preschool. It is all day. Garris went to preschool for 2 years, but it was only four days a week for three hours. The thought of our 5-year-old being gone all day long at kindergarten made me very uneasy.

The other aspect that makes me uneasy is him being non-verbal and having a hard time communicating with others. What if something happened to him at school? what if he got upset but couldn’t express why ? If he were to be picked on or bullied, he wouldn’t be able to ask for help and he wouldn’t be able to tell us what happened.

My second reason is this; I work second shift at my job. I leave around 2 in the afternoon and am not home till after 1am. I would not see my boy at all except for 1 to 2 hours in the morning during the week if I put him in public school. Just the thought of this mad emy anxiety start to flare.

Lastly, schooling him at home gives us the availability we need to be able to take him to his appointments and therapies during the week and His daily structure will stay the same for the most part.

I am very content with our decision to keep him home. I still get to play an active role in his life even while working full time. I know my boy is happy at home. It has been a learning curve for me and will probably continue to be a learning curve, but it is one worth working through!


Fall Printables

The leaves are starting to fall and the weather has turned a little chilly! Its the time of year for coats, scarves, boots and warm sweaters! and then of course hot coffee!

I was walking through Walmart yesterday and saw that they already had their Christmas items up. All the Christmas trees were up and I got all giddy, like a little child on Christmas morning.

I love October because, it means the holidays are just around the corner, and it is my favorite time of the year.

I have already started decorating my home for Autumn, and will put up my Halloween decorations very soon. Below are a couple free Autumn printables for your decorating!

Download Here

Download Here

Happy Decorating!